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Danny Moe - Seminars



Command # 1 - "Be HAPPY and ENJOY" The Joyous People. How to be a "always be joyful" person and "enjoy the now" in every circumstance.

Command # 2 - "Practice PEACE - and NOT WORRY" - The Peaceful People.  Why pray when you can worry? or is it, Why worry when you can pray?

Command # 3 - "GET AN  ATTITUDE" - The Positive People. There is no Latitude in Attitude if you want to succeed.

Command # 4 - "THINK and THANK" - The Thanking People. How to practice the faith principle of finding "the seed" of an equivalent or greater benefit in every situation.

Command # 5 - "LOVE as a VERB" - The Loving People. How to practice the unconditional Love of the Father for me, with thee.

Command # 6 - "RELEASE THE UMPH" - That Leads to TRIUMPH... The Triumphant People. How to release the "Triumphant One" you do have in order to enjoy the Triumph you don't have.

Command # 7 - "GIVE HILARIOUSLY" - The Giving People. Givers are Winners, Takers are Losers, Why it is better to give than to receive.

Command # 8 - "SERVE YOUR WAY TO TRUE GREATNESS" - The Serving People. How to practice the universal law of success.. If you want to be great, first become a servant ( for the First Shall be Last, and the Last Shall be First.)

Command # 9 - "NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP" - The Persistent People. The one who succeeds is the one who gets up one more time than they get knocked down.

Command # 10 - "CONCEIVE, RECEIVE, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE" - The Achieving People. How to live in the 4th dimensional realm of experiencing the possible in the impossible.