Greatest Winners


Danny Moe - Seminars



If you could share a few minutes with some of life's greatest winners out of the annals of history and ask them to share with you the secrets of their success in life and career, what would they tell you?.

This exciting Seminar deals with some of the greatest success secrets of the world's most outstanding Superachievers. Their techniques may have become outmoded but their principles for success in living and loving, working and selling have never changed. Applied practical principles can bring us success today.

A noted world Historian was asked what was the greatest thing he had learned from his studies from every major civilization in the history of the world. His profound reply was, "The greatest thing I have learned from years of studying World History is that "WHEN IT GETS THE DARKEST, THE STARS COME OUT." The basic principle of toughness and perseverance in the midst of crisis is one of the foundational secrets of every Winner in life.

This powerful Seminar will also include:

(a)    The Great Attitude Secret..."The SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND    PRINCIPLE"

(b)    The Great Relationship Secret..."THE SOLOMON'S CLOTHES PRINCIPLE"

(c)    The Great Achievement Secret..."THE WHAT'S MY PLUS? PRINCIPLE"

(d)    The Great Daily Living Secret..."THE ENJOY THE TRIP PRINCIPLE"

(e)    The Great Confidence Secret..."THE ROCK PILE PRINCIPLE"

(f)     The Great Faith Secret..."THE LION AND BEAR PRINCIPLE"

(g)     The Great Goal Reaching Secret..."THE SPEED OF THOUGHT PRINCIPLE"

   .........and other POWERFUL PRINCIPLES...


Each of these powerful principles are made totally applicable to your life today and may be applied immediately. The practice of these principles will have a challenging effect upon your future.