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Danny Moe - Seminars



From the entry into the great hall of fame each session, to pausing and reading the SUPERACHIEVERS  Motto over the massive exit doorway as you leave, you will be greatly challenged by the practical principles practiced by these Hall Of Famers. This expository will produce tears of laughter, challenge and great hope.

Session # 1 -        Peter: The Water Walker

                                How to walk on your   Impossibilities   

In this opening session, exciting secrets and truth from the water walking narrative of Jesus and Peter are shared. From 'the other side' concept to 'how to walk on your impossibilities', this is a session that will not be soon forgotten.

 Session # 2 & 3 -    Joseph: The Dreamer...

                                    How to Dream your Impossible Dream

Few stories in the history of the world can equal this story of a young man who dreamed an impossible dream, prospered in the midst of inconceivable setbacks and discouragements, and persevered to a dream

Session # 4 & 5 -     David: The Champion of Champions...

                                    How To Be A Great Giant Killer

Superachievers face giants in life. How to conquer your giants and send enemy armies fleeing is the exciting theme of these two sessions.

Session # 6 -     Daniel: The Lion Tamer...

                     How  To Cope With Lions

Daniel was 'the success Story of a Nation'. How he became such a national success and coped with adversaries and lions is a most intriguing and encouraging story. As in each session of a superachiever, what is amazing is that life and problems are still basically the same a few thousand years later. So, if they could achieve, so can we.

Session # 7 -     Caleb & Joshua: The Conquerors...

                              How To Claim And Possess Your Land

Superachievers live with an insatiable desire to claim and enjoy all that is rightfully theirs in life. Superachievers want all that God has for them. Caleb and Joshua teach us how to claim our lands and march in victory around our Jericho's.

In Closing: The Superachievers Motto closes this most challenging seminar. The seven sessions can be shared in a Sunday night (one session) to Wednesday night (2 sessions each night with a refreshment break between sessions) format or on a weekend.