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  • Danny and Diane   are Executive Directors with one of Canada's most successful Direct Marketing Companies.


  • North America's only Consumer Direct Marketing company. A winner of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Award. It is one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in America. And has  grown into a thriving multinational, multi-million dollar company during its first 25 years. It's success is rooted in the unique marketing system of its exceptional, environmentally friendly products of unsurpassed quality - all of which are either patented or proprietary formulas. These highly concentrated products represent a superb value for the American and Canadian consumer.

    A Unique Consumer Direct Marketing is changing the way people shop in the 90's with the same dramatic effects as Wal-Mart did in the 80's. Consumer Direct Marketing is an opportunity for average families to participate in a redistribution of wealth by shifting profits from multi-billion dollar conglomerates to individual families. By focusing on the success of the individual, This company is rapidly creating the type of independent business success that typifies the North American enterprising spirit. They reject the 90's trend of quick, easy, instant and free. Corporately and individually, they embraces a culture that promotes financial independence and breaking the bonds of indebtedness. Their mission  is to empower individuals by helping them to build a business that will create residual income to last a lifetime.

    This exceptional company is deeply committed to continuing its mission of Enhancing the Lives of Those We Touch by Helping People Reach Their Goals.

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