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Sing Out ! -- PHILIPPIANS..... ......"Memorization by Melody" Series. 

An Idea is Born... I was sitting at my piano and musing on an idea. Over the years I have written many choruses including scripture choruses.  As people sang the scripture choruses, it became clear to me that besides learning a chorus they were memorizing scripture. Yet, they had memorized without even trying. Every time they sang that particular scripture the melody would bring back the words to their remembrance. What a great way to memorize!

So,  having memorized the book of Philippians in my teen years, I decided to work on some key verses in this loving epistle.  I began by working on a very simple melody for Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."  I was working on a good hand clapping melody when a thought cam to me.  "Why don't you wrote the music for the entire book of Philippians?"  As the idea was naturally preposterous, I dismissed it from my mind.  A little later the same thought persisted.  My response was something like, "Lord, this is impossible as nothing like this has ever been done to my knowledge in the history of the New Testament church."

Yet, even later, the thought persisted once again.  "Why don't you write the music for the entire book of Philippians?"  So, I turned to the first chapter and began to read Paul's opening remarks to the church.  I said, "Lord, how do you write music for verses like these?"  Then the Holy Spirit's clinching thought overruled my lingering doubts.  Quietly he spoke, "What music have you been writing in the last few minutes?"  I said, "I can do..all...things....through Christ...." The message got through.


The Project is begun... I began that day on a project that I did not know how to do and had no idea what it would ever become.  I began to work hour after hour for days, weeks and months.  Many obstacles confronted me along the way.  Yet, in God's timing, each obstacle has been overcome and you are now sharing in what to me is a miracle.

I have continued writing music for other great books of the Bible and these are becoming available on a regular bases.  I really believe that God's people can be greatly enriched as the Word of God is implanted in their inner spirit through the singing of these scriptures over and over again.

Recently, as I shared some of Philippians with a seminar audience I said, "I have often heard people say that the Lord gave them a certain chorus or song.  Yet, when you hear it you question if it was really from the Lord."  So, I continued, "If you like what you hear, give the praise and the glory to Him because it was His idea.  However, if you don't like it, you know I wrote it and you can blame me."

The music began and somewhere around the third verse a woman shouted from the audience, "It was from God!"  The audience laughed loudly and I was relieved.  For in presenting this Epistle my Music, it is my sincere prayer that your response will be the same.  May you be enriched and He glorified.


Sing out Philippians Music Book...


70 pages (8 1/2 X 11)


Background to Philippians


Verse by verse commentary (of words and modern English meaning)


Full music score and chords for piano and guitar.


Your Hymnal of Philippians for singing along with tape.


Sing out Philippians Cassette Tape...


Sung by Hearts Afire (mixed quartet)


Word by word King James Revised Edition.


Tape 30 minutes in length.


Cost: Sing out package... Book and Tape...

                Store Price:                  Package         $19.95 +s&h

                Publisher quantity Price:  3 Pack:     $39.95 +s&h

                                                               5 Pack:     $49.95 +s&h


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