You Can


Danny Moe - Seminars



The highly popular cliché "YOU CAN DO IT" is the theme of this motivating seminar for those who would be high achievers in life. Each word of this motivating cliché is used as a separate secession. The following is a breakdown of the seminar.

Session # 1 - YOU

In this session, the individual is greatly challenged concerning their personal self image and understanding of their potential. A number of powerful and positive thoughts concerning the uniqueness and greatness of the individual as created by the Creator are shared. Keys in overcoming a negative self image are also shared. The vast potential of an individual to accomplish great things in life is a very stimulating part of this session also.

Session # 2 - CAN

The "I CAN" philosophy is the major thrust of this exciting session. What is the one word that steals more from the individual than any other word used in our vocabulary today? Simply, "I CAN'T." The answer is the "I CAN" Philosophy. A number of  "I CAN" attitudes for accomplishing great things in life is shared.

Session # 3 - DO 

The major thrust of this session is that a positive understanding of yourself as an individual and the personal enthusiasm of a very positive attitude are still somewhat meaningless unless these are strongly linked with some "PERSONAL ACTION." There are many who do espouse the positive philosophy of living and yet never get any further than just talking about it. This session comes to grips with the need for "PERSONAL ACTION." There must be "DOING".  Simply, "FAITH AND BELIEVING" is powerful but yet inoperative unless there is "WORKS". A number of challenging "START-UP" principles are shared. When this session is completed, the high achiever knows what he or she must do if they are to be successful. This is the practical "Where The Rubber Meets The Road" session that brings the positive philosophy down to where we live today.

Session # 4 - IT

This final session brings the momentum of personal excitement and action down to the final key - What is "IT"?  I can have all of the inspiration and momentum in the world but "WHAT AM I AIMING AT?"  I must know what "IT" is!  What are my Goals?.

This closing session of the seminar is shared as a mountain climbing expedition with the goal of planting a flag on top. The exciting conclusion of the seminar makes the entire presentation a very challenging time in a person's life.